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Autometer Gauges has been in the instrument market for over 45 years, and in that time, they have increased their product group from about 50 part numbers to over 700 SKU'S. They have the broadest combination of analog air core meter gauges- face, bezel, mechanical, electrical, domed lens, 2 1/16" and 2 5/8", in the industry. These instruments have become the standard on dirt, asphalt, off-shore race, street, and rodding events around the world.

A standout in this line is the Monster Tach, a tachometer with a five-inch face and a special shock mounting ring.
Upgraded versions are available with-.

  • Shift-Lite,
  • Dial-in Exactness
  • Play-Back

Available in the Sport Comp, Pro Comp Phantom, Ultra-Lite Series.



The Monster Tach

Monster Cartoon

Autometer has kept up with the demands of the street and race customer by engineering:
  • Tachs with playback features
  • Electronically Programmable Speedometers
  • Nitrous and Fuel Pressure Gauges
  • Rich/lean Ratio gauges, using stock or add-on O2 sensor
  • Ultra-Lite Gauge Series
  • Pro Comp Liquid-filled Series, Exhaust Temperature Gauges (Pyrometers)
  • Data Logger with Data Facts Software

If you like a particular style, most of the time we can put your combination together in a matched set.

Consider the options:
You choose a gauge, a tach, or more;
you want a certain look;
you want to make sure it fits your model car and year;
how can you make sure you get it right?
If you live in the Intermountain West,
talk to the friendly, independent auto parts store
nearest you. Go to the Map to find them.
Or, fill out The Form and contact us.
Our salespeople are ready to help, with a personal touch.
Featured Tachs and Speedometers
#3911- Silver Sport Comp Tach

This feature rich tach has grabbed the enthusiast.
"Monster" 5-inch face and shock ring mount, this tach features Autometer's "Dial-In-Exactness," by using the tach pointer to set the desired RPM shift point. The bright amber light signals when the shift point is reached for quick-response shifting. Works with 4,6,8 cyl. gas applications and most ignitions.


Silver Sport Comp Tach

Sport Comp Tach


#3780- 3 ĺ Sport Comp Tach

"Air core meter" accuracy. Shock ring- pedestal mount. Same engines and ignitions as above. Can be special ordered for V10 engine applications.


#1888- Street Rod Programmable Speedometer

A 3 1/8" speedo with diamond pointer, domed lens, and beige face. A great way to finish off a street rod interior. Check out the other Street Rod gauges.

Autometer offers Speedometers in mechanical or electronically programmable configurations with or without trip meter. Ten different face and bezel combinations to match most of the gauges in the Autometer line.

Programmable Speedometer

Mini-Tach on a Pedestal

#2891- Pedestal Mount Mini-Tach

This 2 5/8" tach offers accurate "air core" RPM info and is easy to read. Great for RVís where you need to read the RPMís to get the right power band for towing but donít need a tach in your face all the time. Works on 4,6,8 cylinder gas applications with conventional or HEI ignition. Available in a diesel tach configuration part # 2888.

A Neat Little Tach

2-1/16"  Panel Tach

Fits gauge panels and Gauge Works pods. Great for really tight fits or when you want your gauges sized the same.

#2697- $133.95

"Antique-Beige" Gauge Kit
Street Rod Series Gauge Sets

Do you like the "Antique Beige" Gauge Kit, shown above? ...Beige face, diamond shape pointer, dome lens.
How about "Designer Black," shown in the box to the right?
The Street Rod series is available in five unique bezels and faces. You can order in kit form: programmable speedometer* and electric oil pressure, voltmeter, water temperature and fuel level gauges with electric senders. Kits with mechanical speedometer* and same electric gauges are available.
A matching Tachs is extra.
* Speedo senders not included.

"Designer Black" Gauge Kit

Our favorite kits:
  W/ Mechanical Speedo W/ Electronic Speedo Optional Tach
Antique Beige


#1802 #1895
Golden Oldies #1501 #1502 #1595
Designer Black #1400 #1402 #1498
Old Time White #1601 #1602 #1695

Kits vary in price from $300.00 to 399.00
Optional Tachometers - $119.95

To find a store in the Intermountain West,
Go to the Map.
To Contact Us, Go to the Form.

Fuel Pressure Gauge

Rich/Lean Gauge

#5764- 2-5/8 in. Phantom Fuel Pressure Gauge 

EFI controlled vehicles are performing great when fuel pressure is optimized. With the 100 p.s.i. gauge you can monitor your electric fuel pump pressure and correct the affects of heat, voltage drops caused by electrical accessories and demands of the ignition system, under every driving condition. Kit includes electric sender. Wire extra. Other  models available:

  • Hi-Lo Memory feature that allows recall of high and low pressure during a race.

  • 0-15 p.s.i. gauge for carbureted applications.

  • 2 1/16 size in most gauge series.

Ultra-lite Rich/Lean Gauge

You control the gas pedal. Now you can see when a lean or rich air/fuel condition occurs and implement foot-to-pedal techniques to avoid power robbing, fuel gobbling conditions.  Better than a vacuum gauge because now you can get a visual of the signal your O2 sensor is sending the vehicles computer to fine tune the air-fuel ratio. Connects to the stock O2 sensor or an optional sensor kit is available. Size 2-1/16 in. only.

#4375- $84.95

Nitrous Gauge

Boost Gauge

#3428- Sport Comp Nitrous Pressure Gauge      
Ever wonder if you have enough "gas" for one more race. Well, don't bet on the last race without the Nitrous gauge.

#3401- Sport Comp Boost Gauge  
With a turbo I find this the most often watched gauge, after the tach. Available in 2-1/16 & 2-5/8" (shown)  and all gauge series.     

Water Temp. Gauge

#5402- 2-5/8 Pro Comp Blower    
The Pro Comp series uses a liquid-fill to dampen the vibrations invading the gauge. By steadying the needle without affecting the gauges reaction time, you can quickly respond to changes.                                         

#5469- Pro Comp Low Temp. Water Gauge
Most water temperature gauges give you the top end of the temperature reading. But equally important is the temp. at warm-up, in the staging lanes, at the burnout box and starting line.


By hooking up with Gauge Works mounting systems, Autometer can now offer gauge mounting options for late model import/domestic cars and trucks. Currently offering 175 pillar and dash custom gauge mounting pods, including my favorite, the Tach Pod for Honda Civics and Ford Mustangs. This Pod accepts a five-inch Tach and two 2-5/8 inch gauges. It cleverly mounts center and right of the factory gauge module.

3-Gauge Pod
3-Gauge Pod '87-93 Mustang                 
  • 5-inch Silver Shift-Lite Tach
  • Two 2 5/8" Ultra-Lite Gauges
    - 100 PSI fuel electrical pressure
    -  Boost Gauge


2-Gauge Pod
#10100- 2-Gauge Pod
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